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  Inferno GT Ferrari F430GT with GXR28  
Vehicle Information
Scale: 1:08
Width: 310mm
Length: 480mm
Height: 135mm
Wheelbase (min): 325mm
Track Width: 262 - 265mm
Weight: 3300g
Final Drive: 10.8 / 8.37:1
Required For Operation:
8 AA-size batteries for R/C system
2 D-size batteries for glow igniter
Completely factory assembled - it takes only minutes to get running  
Expertly detailed, licensed bodies.  
Durable, low-maintenance shaft-drive system based on the Inferno  
Two-speed transmission.  
3mm blue-anodized aluminum chassis plate with countersunk screws  
Massive GXR 4.6cc engine to spin the tires at will  
Zero-maintenance, zero-loss pull-starter  
Vented metal disc brake with steel-backed fiber pads  
All-aluminum exhaust system with a two-piece tuned pipe  
Fully adjustable four-wheel independent suspension  
Composite oil shocks with dual O-rings seals and threaded spring pre-load adjusters.  
High-traction low-profile 93 x 41mm street tires with foam inserts.  
Big 17mm hex hubs to index the wheels to the axles.  
Full set of precision ball bearings.  
Foam bumper to protect against impacts.  
Huge selection of factory and aftermarket accessories  
125cc quick-fill fuel tank with spill guard  
Large flywheel for easy, consistent idle  
Sealed radio box to protect electronics  
  Inferno GT2 Corvette C6-R  
No. 31816B
Required For Operation:
12 AA-size batteries for R/C system
2 D-size batteries for glow igniter
R/C Fuel
Vehicle Information
Scale: 1:08
Width: 310mm
Length: 515mm
Height: 135mm
Wheelbase (min): 360mm
Weight: 3650g
Final Drive: 10.14:1/6.3:1
2 Speed Transmission with High Speed Gears - Speed has always been synonymous with the Inferno GT, but the automatic two-speed transmission and the new gears in the GT2 take speed to a whole new level. The transmission features a 21/40T second gear combination, which gives the GT2 a 6.3:1 final drive ratio in second gear, up from 7.49:1 in the original GT. That translates to an increase in top speed and less wear and tear on the engine because it doesn't have to rev so fast to achieve a class-leading top-speed. The GT2 is easily capable of 55 mph as the car is equipped out of the box, and speeds upwards of 70 mph or more with slight modifications.  
150cc Fuel Tank - Longer run times are always a plus, and the GT2 includes a big 150cc fuel tank for run time of up to 15 minutes. The tank features a quick-fill spring loaded top, so you can refuel while the engine is running so you can race around until the sun goes down.  
Powerful 4.6cc Big Block Engine - Powering the IGT2 is a big 4.6cc (.28 c.i.) pull start engine (GXR28SG). This new engine features modifications to increase performance and value. In addition to the standard features offered in the original GXR28 engine, the  
Shaft Drive System - The differentials and drive gears (except the two-speed transmission) are contained with the bulkheads, which protects the drivetrain from debris. It's a more advanced and durable drive system than belt drive, which requires less maintenance and produces superior performance.  
Double Disc Brakes - Two vented steel disc brake rotors provide the extra stopping power needed for such a high-performance machine. The vented rotors keep the brakes running cooler and the metal-backed fiber brake pads provide smooth stopping power.  
New, Smaller 34mm Flywheel and Clutch Bell Bearings - The 34 mm flywheel is 10mm smaller than that which was included on the original GT. The smaller size allows the use of conventional engine mounts, which are standard on the GT2, the smaller flywheel also fits a pilot-type crankshaft, which allows easy installation of high-performance aftermarket engines. Additionally, the smaller flywheel size reduces overall mass and most importantly, rotating mass for improved acceleration. Ball bearings in the clutch bell replace the needle bearings previously featured in the original GT. Ball bearings last longer and are easier to replace.  
Full Factory Assembly - The IGT2 is almost completely factory assembled. Trained technicians build the car from the ground up, so it's virtually ready to go right out of the box - even the body is painted, expertly detailed and the decals are installed exactly as you see it on box. Simply add fuel and some alkaline batteries needed to power the transmitter, receiver and glow igniter and you're ready for action.  
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