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Vehicle Information
Scale: 1:10
Width: 418mm
Length: 505.5mm
Weight: 7.2g
ReadySet Contents
Factory assembled chassis with 3-channel, 3-servo R/C unit installed
Factory-finished printed body with stickers applied
PERFEX KT-10 Transmitter
Fuel bottle
Cross wrench
Required for Operation
7.2v, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH Battery
R/C Charger For Battery
AA- size Batteries x8 for Transmitter
R/C Fuel
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No. 31286B
Required for Operation:
2-channel, 2-servo R/C system for cars
21-class racing engine
Manifold, Tuned muffler
Engine starting tools
Batteries for R/C system
Despite sharing similar geometry with the 2005 Evolva, the Evolva M3 is a virtually an all-new car. The M3 is refined to the highest degree, taking a World Champion winning design to the next level to make it even faster, more durable and easier to tune.  
Chassis - Narrow chassis design with short front and rear overhang realizes both flexibility and high agility.  
Adjustments - Adjustment range of front scrub increased from 1mm to 2mm. Allows precision setting for optimal steering characteristics.  
Acherman - Ackerman can be adjusted in five steps with servo saver to produce the optimal steering settings for different course conditions.  
Aerodynamic - Ultra efficient aerodynamic bumper with lifted rear shows high rigidity, minimizes surface interference and catches downforce.  
Fuel Tank - Fuel tank features specially shaped cap for easy opening and fast refills. O-ring realizes secure seal.  
Roll Center - Replacement of leaning cam allows front and rear wheel shaft height to be adjusted in three stages of plus or minus 0.5mm. Allows precision adjustment of roll center.  
Throttle Servo Placement - Throttle servo can be mounted lying down (optional parts required).  
Rear Adjustment - Rear wheelbase adjustment now possible in addition to front adjustment. Wheelbase can now be adjusted within a 6mm range.  
Suspension Holders - Three types of suspension holder included allows rear roll center to be adjusted in three stages. Increases scope for custom setting adjustments.  
Improve Steering - Rear hub supports the base of the rear body mount. Choose from four different lengths for improved steering response in the medium to high speed range.  
Improved Design - Rear adjustable stabilizer provides support for ball bearing that removes any play in the mounting.  
Rear Arm Choices - Choice of short, medium or long rear upper arms available.  
New 2 Speed Clutch - Newly designed 2-speed clutch and high-tension steel ring used in the 2-speed spur gear realizes smooth up shift.  
4 Pin Flywheel - 4-pin flywheel is compatible with most engine types.  
Adjustable Flex - Chassis rigidity can be adjusted by adding carbon plate (optional), carbon battery plate (optional) and side stiffener (optional) to the front of the main chassis.  
Acre Type Brake Pads - Acre-type brake pads and APP type rotors produce strong stopping power.  
Can use the same size receiver battery as the V-ONE RRR.  
  FW-05RR Chassis Kit  
No. 31583B
Vehicle Information
Scale: 1:10
Width: 200mm
Length: 367mm
Height: 105mm
Wheelbase (min): 258mm
Track Width: 174 / 170mm
Weight: 1800g
Final Drive: 7.13 / 5.42:1
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